The Correspondent launches membership campaign to unbreak the news

Member-driven, ad-free journalism platform sets fundraising goal of $2.5 million to redefine what news is about, how it’s made, and how it’s paid for

NEW YORK -- November 14, 2018 -- The Correspondent (, a new online media platform building a movement for unbreaking news, launched an international campaign today to raise $2.5 million to fund a radically different kind of news organization. If The Correspondent reaches this goal, it will launch in 2019 as the “antidote to breaking news.”

Founded by American-Dutch journalist and philosopher Rob Wijnberg and endorsed by high-profile supporters like Nate Silver, Judd Apatow, and Rosanne Cash, The Correspondent will be the English language counterpart to De Correspondent, the successful Dutch journalism platform launched in 2013. Following a successful, world-record-breaking crowdfunding campaign that raised $1.7 million from 19,000 founding members, De Correspondent has grown its member base to over 60,000, with 52 full-time staff in Amsterdam.

“The relentless 24-hour news cycle focuses on the sensational rather than the foundational, distracting citizens from the underlying forces that really shape our world, and leaving us cynical, divided, and less informed,” said Wijnberg. “The Correspondent will flip that script. It will focus on the climate, rather than the weather; failing infrastructure rather than just horrific traffic accidents."

The membership campaign kicking off today seeks to raise $2.5 million by December 14 to support the launch of The Correspondent in 2019. Funds raised through the campaign will help to build a newsroom of full-time correspondents, editors, editorial designers, operations, and back-office staff from the ground up.

The Correspondent has secured public support from more than 80 leaders from the worlds of media, tech, entertainment, academia, and activism, including FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver; Hollywood producer Judd Apatow; psychotherapist Esther Perel; activist DeRay Mckesson; Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales; Grammy-award winning musician Rosanne Cash; supermodel and activist Cameron Russell; Hollywood executive and The Black List founder Franklin Leonard; Game of Thrones actor Carice van Houten; philanthropist Esther Dyson; comedian Baratunde Thurston; creator of House of Cards Beau Willimon; comedian and creator of The Problem with Apu Hari Kondabolu; creator of The Wire and The Deuce David Simon; Speakable founder Jordan Hewson; press critic Jay Rosen; podcast host Manoush Zomorodi; first African-born Pulitzer Prize winner Dele Olojede; tech investor and writer Om Malik; Emmy-award winning comedian W. Kamau Bell; artist Molly Crabapple; The Filter Bubble author Eli Pariser; Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson and former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.

Founding members choose their own membership fee, giving them full, unfettered access to The Correspondent for one year once the platform launches in 2019. The Correspondent’s unique model will enable members to collaborate with correspondents and editors throughout the reporting process, sharing knowledge, expertise, and personal experiences to shape the stories that are told.

“One hundred nurses and patients know more about healthcare than a single health reporter,” said Wijnberg. “And 100 teachers and students know more about education than one education journalist. The Correspondent will work together with our members to ensure we report with true insight on the issues that matter most.”

If the campaign does not reach its fundraising goal of $2.5 million by December 14, founding members will have their contributions fully refunded.

“Between the resurgence of global populism, changes in news-consumption habits, and increasing skepticism toward journalism, news organizations face a potential crisis,” said Silver, the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight. “That's why I'm a fan of The Correspondent. It has the values I seek out in a modern news organization.”

“There is nothing more important in this age than a fearless search for the truth. That’s why it’s important to have and support The Correspondent,” said Hollywood producer Apatow.

“I’m not interested in manipulative headlines. I’m interested in real journalism with depth, insight, and indisputable facts, impeccably resourced and ad-free. That’s why I support The Correspondent,” said Grammy-award winning musician Cash.

"You get to be a part of The Correspondent as it begins," said civil rights activist Mckesson. "You get to help build a new community of storytelling that has the power to impact change and help us figure out how we got here and how we get to a place that’s better."

“The need for nuance in public discourse is greater than ever," added psychotherapist Perel. "The Correspondent is all about constructive dialogue, and seeks to do journalism that furthers our understanding of the world and of each other. That’s why I support it, and encourage you to do so too.“


The Correspondent ( is a movement for radically different news that aims to redefine what news is about, how it’s made, and how it’s funded. Its Dutch counterpart, De Correspondent, launched in 2013 following a world-recording-breaking crowdfunding campaign that raised $1.7 million from 19,000 members.

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